About Us

The Agent who loves Accounting


After working in Tax industry for past 10 years, and earning her Masters in Commerce, Sadhana (Hanna) decided to start her own business in 2018. She comes from an extended family full of Accountants and Tax Agents. She is a Registered Tax Agent, MCOM, MIPA ,etc

Each Client is Different

Sadhana learnt that all clients are different and nothing is as inspirational as assisting hardworking people claiming what is legitimately theirs in legal and ethical manner. Tax Time doesn’t need to be stressful. As you would experience, our Principal Agents has an awesome personality and she does all the hard work with a laugh or a smile. 

Each Client is Important


Sadhana strives to assist you via:

· Understanding your business needs and goals

· Assisting with Budgeting and Business Finances

· Saving time with Accounting & Bookkeeping automation

· Working with you to get rid of major hurdles stopping your business growth